Lights On Afterschool


More than 18,000 Montana children attend programs after the school day ends. Lights On Afterschool is annual, nationwide action that invites community members to celebrate the achievements of afterschool students by visiting a local event. Participants enjoy site tours, educational classes, STEM activities, tutoring assistance, talent shows and more! 

Lights On Afterschool, organized by the Afterschool Alliance and celebrated annually since 2010, draws attention to the need for more afterschool programs to serve youth nationwide who are unsupervised and at risk after the school day ends.. More than 8,000 such events are organized across the nation to emphasize the importance of keeping the lights on and the doors open after school.

“Beyond a safe place that supports both kids and their working parents, afterschool programs are incorporating fun, skills-based programs where students experience NASA science projects, film production, computer coding, 3D design and food production.  Incorporating STEM into their curriculums, afterschool programs are able to craft learning environments that allow students to pursue their passions,” says Laurie Bishop, the Director of Montana Afterschool Alliance.

Recent data from America After 3PM shows a vast unmet demand for afterschool programs. In Montana, over 13% (18,814) of children participate in an afterschool program. Of Montana children not enrolled in afterschool programs, 38% (49,273) would if a program were available. More work needs to be done to meet the great need for afterschool programs that keep Montana’s kids safe, inspire them to learn and help working families.

Established in 2014, Montana Afterschool Alliance (MTAA) works to improve quality, increase access and increase sustainability of out-of-school-time programs across the state. MTAA is a statewide network of key stakeholders who champion for the success of all out-of-school time programs across the state. More information can be found at

The Afterschool Alliance is a nonprofit public awareness and advocacy organization working to ensure all children have access to quality afterschool programs. More information is available at

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