*NEW* Quality Guiding Principles - DRAFT for Review


Montana has been one of a small handful of states that has not had any general, state-level guidance on quality in afterschool and summer learning programs. MTAA has been working to meet this need and convened a group of leaders from all areas of the state working in many different kinds of out-of-school time settings.

The results of their hard work are now ready for others to see and provide feedback on and we’re inviting everyone to chime in! The process includes reading over the draft (CLICK HERE FOR DRAFT) and providing either individual or program feedback through our online form.

Instructions for Feedback:

Thank you for providing feedback for Montana Guiding Principles for Out-of-School Time (OST). We are collecting feedback via Google form at the link provided here.

There are two ways for your organization to submit feedback on this document:

A.    Each individual submits their own feedback via the online form, or

B.    Staff meet as a group to offer feedback; a group leader collects the feedback summarizes in a single form submission.

If you choose option (A), we can provide you with some draft language that can be used in an email sent out to your organization’s leadership and staff.

For option (B), we recommend the following process:

1)    Schedule a one-hour meeting with leadership and staff. Schedule it with enough time before May 10, 2019 so that you will have time to compile and submit the feedback form.

2)    At least 3 days before the meeting, distribute the draft of the Principles and the questions to leadership and staff. Request all meeting attendees to bring a copy of the Principles (paper or digital) to the meeting for reference. All meeting attendees should read through the draft and feedback questions before the meeting.

3)    During the meeting, cover each of the feedback questions (starting with #5) as a group. For the open-ended questions, try to capture as much of the individual feedback as possible. For the multiple-choice questions with a single answer, try to reach a general consensus. If there is major disagreement about any of those, you can indicate that in the open-ended questions that follow.

4)    Once you have gathered feedback, you will need to type it into the Google form (you will indicate on the first page that it is “Group feedback”) and submit it.

For assistance, please contact Laurie Bishop laurieb@mtafterschoolalliance.org.

The final version of the Guiding Principles will be available online and in hard copy by August of 2019.